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Protect your teeth with a custom made mouthguard

Corbin Dental in Bayside, NY offers custom made mouthguards to patients who participate in contact sports. These are personalized to fit perfectly in your mouth and offer better protection for your teeth, gums, jaw, tongue, lips and face especially when compared to the store bought kind.


What Type of Mouthguard Do I Need?

Many dentist offices offer several different types of mouthguards. Each one is designed to protect your teeth however, they do not all work the same way. Different activities will require a special mouthguard custom designed for that particular activity.

A mouthguard to protect your teeth while participating in sports…

A sports mouthguard is required to participate in football, basketball, lacrosse and many more sports. However, you can choose to wear one for other sports such as soccer, tennis and gymnastics. Sports mouthguards are specifically designed to protect the teeth and soft tissues from blows to the face. Whether you fall hard, get hit with an arm or stick in the face or collide with another player, the best protection for your teeth is a custom made sports mouthguard that is made through a dentist office. They drastically reduce your chances of suffering from a dental emergency. A dental emergency can be traumatizing from all the blood, very costly and of course painful. In-stock mouthguards purchased from a store do not offer the same level of protection since they are not designed specifically for your mouth.

While sports mouthguards are a necessary piece of equipment when playing sports, they should not be used for any other purposes. It will not protect the teeth if the patient suffers from bruxism (teeth grinding). It is also not the same type mouthpiece people use to treat sleep apnea.

Creating a Custom Mouthguard

The process to create your custom mouthguard is simple and will only require two visits to our Bayside, NY dentist office. The dentist will evaluate your teeth to make sure there are no issues with your oral health and that a mouthguard will work for you. If you require dental work, such as a tooth filling or dental crown, that should be completed first. Molds will need to be taken of your teeth and if that is done before the procedure, it will affect how the mouthguard fits. After we take impressions of your teeth, those will then be shipped to a dental laboratory where the custom mouthguard will be fabricated.

It can take up to two weeks to complete and be shipped to our office. It typically takes about three to four weeks for us to receive it. At the next visit, we will try it on to make sure it fits correctly. Patients can then take their new mouthguard home and relax knowing their teeth are protected properly.

Get A Custom Sports Mouthguard in Bayside Today

Call today to schedule your appointment at our Bayside, NY dentist office. Custom sports mouthguards offer superior protection for your teeth. Get yours today before practices start to guarantee maximum protection.