Dental Crown Oyster Bay, Jackson Heights and Bayside, NY

dental crowns in oyster bay, bayside and jackson heights ny
Dental crowns can serve both cosmetic and restorative purposes in the long term maintenance of a healthy, beautiful smile. A dental crown may be recommended to address:

  • Tooth damage such as chips and cracks
  • Tooth decay and removal of tooth structure after a cavity
  • To strengthen a tooth after a root canal
  • Restore a missing tooth as part of a dental implant
  • Change the color or shape of a tooth

Corbin Dental places all types of dental crowns for patients in any of our three office locations serving the New York metro area and Oyster Bay on Long Island. We can help you restore your dental health or enhance the appearance of a discolored or misshapen tooth with a beautiful, custom dental crown.

The dental crown process: what to expect.
A dental crown is typically placed over two visits to your local Corbin Dental office. We will prepare and numb the area with a local anesthetic for your comfort during the process.

The first step is to address any damage or decay, removing tooth structure as needed to provide a stable result. If the crown is being placed for cosmetic reasons your dentist will remove a minimal amount of tooth structure for secure placement of the final restoration. Dental impressions are taken during this visit and we will work with you to create a crown that is color matched to your smile. A temporary crown is often placed to protect the tooth and provide normal function and aesthetics.

Within a week or two, your final restoration will be ready for placement. We will remove the temporary crown, clean the area and place the final restoration on the tooth. Your Corbin dentist will make any necessary adjustments for a comfortable bite and secure fit on the tooth before permanently attaching the crown.

A dental crown is cared for like a natural tooth. Daily brushing and flossing along with your natural teeth will keep your crown healthy and stable. We will demonstrate how to effectively floss around the crown to keep the area clean without disturbing the restoration.