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Dental Bridges Oyster Bay and Bayside, NY

A dental bridge can replace one or several consecutive missing teeth to restore function and natural aesthetics to your smile. At Corbin Dental, our team can offer you the benefits of comprehensive care under one roof and a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs. Dr. Richard Corbin and Dr. Bruce Corbin are highly trained and experienced restorative dentists, working with all of our patients on an individual basis for the best possible outcome after tooth loss.

A dental bridge is a fixed appliance, anchored by existing natural healthy teeth or dental implants. Customized to the appearance of your smile and the fit of your bite, a dental bridge will restore and support your long-term dental health. Dr. Richard or Dr. Bruce will recommend the most suitable treatment option after an initial consultation, exam, and the analysis of digital imagery taken as needed.

Our dental offices in Bayside and Oyster Bay have in-office CT scanning and digital x-rays for the ability to complete a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of your oral health. This will serve as the foundation for a stable, healthy, and comfortable result and a dental bridge that allows for the best quality of life.

dental bridges for missing teeth

Dental bridge vs. dental implants: what to consider?

When a single tooth is lost or when considering how to anchor a dental bridge, dental implants can often provide key benefits for your overall dental health and outcome.

  • Reduced bone loss: a dental implant will minimize bone loss in the jaw where a tooth was lost. In the case of several teeth, this can offer a significant benefit for the appearance of your smile and the function of the bite over time.
  • Secure restoration: dental implants are permanent and secure, placed into healthy jaw bone. This means that your new tooth or dental bridge will fit and feel like a natural tooth and can be cared for in much the same way.
  • Stabilizes healthy teeth: dental implants also support the natural structure of your smile and the position of remaining teeth. This will stabilize your bite, reduce the risk of shifting teeth and enable normal chewing ability.

The process for placing a dental bridge.

The dental bridge process will vary from patient to patient, depending on whether implants are being placed and the overall oral health of the patient at the beginning of treatment. Dr. Bruce or Dr. Richard will begin with a thorough exam, digital diagnostics and a discussion of your needs and cosmetic goals before creating a treatment plan for you.

If dental implants are to be placed the first phase of treatment is the surgical placement of the post into the jaw bone. After placement, a period of several months of healing time is needed to ensure a stable final outcome. Once the soft tissues have healed we will work with you to place the new dental implant or to secure your dental bridge.

If a dental bridge is to be secured by existing teeth we will likely place a dental crown to strengthen the teeth and provide support for the bridge. This will require the teeth to be prepared before a crown or the new bridge is placed.

Dental impressions are taken at the appropriate time to be used for the creation of your crowns and/or dental bridge. In most cases, a temporary restoration is placed so that you can enjoy normal function and aesthetics during the treatment process.

The final restoration is placed when all tissues are healed, the teeth are prepared and the custom restoration is complete. We will place and permanently secure the dental bridge and provide personalized care instructions so that you can maintain your restored smile between routine visits.