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Dental Implants

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Dental implants have revolutionized tooth replacement for patients with missing teeth. Available for one or more lost teeth, a dental implant is not only the most natural looking option but also offers key benefits for your overall oral health and wellness.

Dr. Richard Corbin and Dr. Bruce Corbin provide the convenience and consistency of complete implant dentistry under one roof. We are experienced in tooth replacement and equipped with advanced digital imaging technology. Corbin Dental can replace your lost teeth with the highest standard of care for your needs and goals.


Dental implants consist of three main components that replace both the lost tooth crown, visible above the gums and the tooth root below the gum line. This unique structure offers key benefits for your dental health and the restoration of natural function and aesthetics. A post, abutment, and restoration fit together to create a dental implant.

The post is made of surgical grade titanium. We will place it into healthy bone in the jaw as a replacement for the lost tooth root. Then a dentist attaches the abutment to the post to serve as a connection for the dental crown or custom denture.

Additional benefits from the placement of dental implants include:

  • Stabilizes bone structure in the jaw:¬†When a tooth is lost, the tooth root is also lost. This can lead to a loss of bone in the area of the missing tooth which changes the appearance and structure of the jaw. Patients can develop a shrunken jaw and a more aged appearance over time. An implant minimizes this process and helps you to maintain your natural jaw structure, supporting the fit of the bite.
  • Enables normal chewing ability:¬†Tooth loss can often limit your diet, making it difficult to chew certain types of foods. A secure and permanent tooth replacement, dental implants allow for normal chewing and the enjoyment of a varied, healthy diet.
  • Confident speech:¬†Dental implants do not move or slip, allowing the tongue to function normally and support normal speech patterns. Dental implants can restore your confidence when interacting with others each day in both social and professional environments.


Most patients can be candidates for dental implants. Dr. Richard and Dr. Bruce Corbin can work with you on an individual basis to evaluate your dental health needs and can coordinate any necessary treatments to address bone loss or periodontal concerns. We offer all types of implants including the All On Four process for patients with compromised oral health that need to replace a full arch of teeth.


The dental implant process is fairly in-depth and can often be a confusing experience for patients. Here’s how it goes:

Step 1: Once we deem a patient as an appropriate candidate for dental implants, the dentist will extract any remaining teeth that we cannot save. He will prepare your mouth by conducting a thorough cleaning. At this time, we will also create your custom treatment plan, and review it for your approval.

Step 2: The dentist then creates a post for the implant in the jawbone by gently drilling a hole into the bone. We will then clean out the hole and cover it with bone cement.

Step 3: Once the bone has healed around the post, we will remove the post from the mouth so that an impression of the bite can be made. We will use this bite impression to create a model of the restoration, an abutment, and a crown to top it off.

Step 4: Finally, we will have you come back to the office for final placement. Our dentist will secure the implant and make sure you are confident in the final product before permanently securing it in place.


A dental implant can successfully replace one lost tooth with superior results. Save years of maintenance costs by getting a single permanent implant instead of a removable dental bridge. The permanent implant will support a custom dental crown that will blend with your natural teeth and support the structure of your smile. Traditional options do not provide the jawbone support that permanent implants provide. Learn more about single dental implants here.


A dental bridge, partial or full denture can be secured using dental implants. Strategically placed to maximize bone retention and the most stable result, an implant denture can restore natural function after tooth loss. Using implants to secure a new cosmetic denture can often be life-changing for patients who have been suffering from a slipping or poorly fitted denture.

All-on-four dental implants are a popular dental procedure to replace missing teeth. The name of the procedure refers to its four individual dental implants that are placed in the upper or lower jawbone. The good news is, with an all-on-four procedure you can get back the smile you once had.

With this type of implant, the patient will be able to eat the same things they ate before they lost their teeth. You will be able to chew food as if you had never lost any teeth at all. As long as patients maintain proper oral hygiene, this restoration can last a lifetime.

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Contact our Bayside dentist office (Queens) or Oyster Bay dental office to schedule your consultation with one of our experienced implant dentists.

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Brandon Lewis
Brandon Lewis
April 30, 2023
By far the best dental experiences I have had are with Corbin Dental. Dedicated to my specific needs, their team goes over & above to explain the options and implement the restorative process with care and precision. They are my forever Dental-Team!
Maria Piccinno
Maria Piccinno
April 25, 2023
The office is so friendly and kind!!!! Michelle takes such good care of me. Also the lovely receptionist, Angela was very kind. Overall, I highly recommend because the care and concern they exhibit makes me feel so calm.
Norma Gonzalez
Norma Gonzalez
April 25, 2023
They were up front with the cost and very thorough with their exam. As a professional in the medical field I respect that.
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Joseph Thomas
April 19, 2023
my implant session was painless, quickly performed and nicely managed with care and precision.
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Cristal Rosario
April 14, 2023
An amazing team of people
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Kathleen McGovern
April 10, 2023
The entire staff are the most caring and professional people you will ever meet. Chair side manner is very important and Corbin Dental gives the best chair side manner I have ever experienced. With the The Corbin Dental practice you can be assured that you will have the finest care. Thank you Corbin Dental!
katarina serrano
katarina serrano
April 6, 2023
best dental experience . Great service so understanding
Matt S.
Matt S.
April 2, 2023
Simply the most friendly and professional service you will ever experience!

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