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A full arch or complete set of missing teeth can be replaced with a cosmetic denture that is customized to your appearance. Drs. Bruce and Richard Corbin offer experienced, personalized dental care in Oyster Bay and Bayside NY for tooth replacement. We work with you on an individual basis to achieve a smile that restores function, beauty and your best quality of life.

dentures and implant dentures in bayside and oyster bay New York
Types of dentures:

Corbin Dental offers all types of dentures, including implant supported dentures and All On Four dentures. Dentures are either fixed or removable, each offering their own benefits for patients depending on your oral health needs, condition of your gums and jaw bone and cosmetic goals.

Fixed dentures are secured using several dental implants and will provide the most natural function when it comes to chewing ability and speech. They will offer natural comfort and minimize irritation of the gums that can occur with a removable option. There are several factors that are taken into consideration when working with you to choose the best option for your needs:

  • Jaw bone health: although there is now a range of dental implant options for securing a denture, a minimal amount of stable, healthy jaw bone is necessary to ensure a good result. When necessary we can coordinate bone or sinus grafting to augment compromised areas.
  • Condition of the gums and soft palate: periodontal disease or diminished soft palate tissue can make it difficult to place implants with lasting stability. We can address concerns with various treatments to stabilize gum tissue.
  • Lifestyle and cosmetic goals: there are certain lifestyle habits, medical conditions and other factors that could impact the success of dental implants and an implant supported denture. We will discuss all aspects of your overall health and your long term aesthetic goals so that you can make an educated choice for your tooth replacement.

The denture process: what to expect

The process for placing a denture will depend on the type of denture being placed and the need for any treatment necessary to establish a healthy foundation. After your consultation, we will create a personalized treatment plan and timeline for the creation and placement of your new smile.

If teeth are to be removed or there is a need for grafting or periodontal therapy we will complete this phase before taking impressions and designing a new denture to complement your appearance. In most cases, a temporary denture or appliance will be placed after extractions or before the new denture is complete. This allows you to get used to the fit and feel of the new appliance and also allows the gum tissue to adapt to the denture so that the final restoration can provide a secure and stable fit.

Teeth today: the All On Four process.

For patients missing all of their teeth or needing a full new set of teeth for a range of reasons, Corbin Dental offers the All On Four process to place a new smile in one day. The key to a successful result is comprehensive advanced planning using digital diagnostics. All On Four can be a life-changing treatment option for patients with complex dental problems or a poorly fitted denture that has damaged the gums or impacted the function of their bite.