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A custom sports mouthguard can protect your teeth, your gums, and your investment in the health and beauty of your smile. Corbin Dental offers custom mouthguards for children and adults in our two dentist office locations serving the New York area. Our dental team recommends their use for contact sports and other activities that could put your dental health at risk. A mouthguard can prevent tooth damage and knockout in the event of trauma on the playing field.

Custom Sports Mouthguards at Corbin Dental

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A custom mouthguard can be made to your specifications and will fit snugly over your teeth and gums once in place. This type of oral appliance can offer important benefits when compared to over-the-counter options readily available:

  • Customized comfort: Customized to your unique smile, a custom mouthguard will be less bulky and fit comfortably in the mouth. You can communicate clearly with your coach and teammates much easier.
  • Ability to consume fluids: Most are able to consume fluids without the need to remove their mouthguard, improving compliance and minimizing the chances for loss or playing without one.
  • Improved oxygen flow: The custom, less bulky fit allows athletes to breathe more effectively when in place for better overall oxygenation of the bloodstream, which can translate to better endurance and performance.
  • Less jaw clenching: Although not designed to address jaw clenching and teeth grinding, a custom sports mouthguard does not require the wearer to clench the jaw to stay in place. This has been shown to reduce energy loss and improve overall endurance and performance on the field.
  • Reduces the risk of injury: The risk of contact sports-related concussions, cuts to the soft tissues in your mouth, prevent fractured and chipped teeth, protect your lower jaw from injury, and more.

How do I get a custom sports mouthguard?

The creation of a custom sports mouthguard will require one visit with us to take dental impressions. These are sent to a lab where your personal appliance will be made to your specifications. Once complete we will contact you to pick it up at your local Corbin Dental office for immediate use.

How often should I get a new mouthguard?

It’s important to change your mouthguard after every sports season. Young adults and their mouths change as they grow, so it is important to make sure that mouthguards are molded to the exact fit every sports season. We recommend replacing your mouthguard before each sports season starts, or at least once a year.

Can I use a custom sports mouthguard for TMJ and Bruxism?

No. They should not be worn overnight, or for long periods of time. A custom sports mouthguard should only be worn for a few hours. Mouthguards perform at their best during contact sports activities. Mouthguards for TMJ and Bruxism issues are different and specifically made for that purpose.

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