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What Foods and Drinks are Bad for Teeth?

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Did you know that there are certain foods and drinks that we recommend patients enjoy in moderation for their oral health? At Corbin Dental, we want our patients to stay informed on the best ways to care for their teeth and gums. On this page, we have oral health tips for our patients in Oyster Bay, NY to help them maintain their smiles. Read on below.

Eat or Drink in Moderation

Some of the most common foods and beverages that can affect the smile include:

  • Tomatoes: Although tomatoes are generally a healthy fruit, they contain acids that can eat away at the tooth enamel. Any foods with high acidic content, like tomatoes and tomato-based foods, should be eaten in moderation.
  • Pickles: Like tomatoes, pickles contain acids because they have a vinegar content. Drink water when you eat pickles and other acidic foods to minimize the lingering acid.
  • Canned fruit: We recommend that patients stick to fresh fruits rather than canned. Fruits already contain naturally occurring sugars. Canned fruits are preserved with additional sugars and acids that can wear the enamel and contribute to cavities.
  • Hard candy: Hard candies can not only contain high amounts of sugar but may also damage the teeth. Biting into hard candy can crack, chip, or break teeth. We already see patients with dental injuries that require cosmetic or restorative care; please be careful when eating hard foods to prevent a dental emergency.
  • Sports drinks: Although they may seem healthier than sodas or energy drinks, sports drinks can contain as much sugar or even more sugar than other drinks. Citric acid is a common ingredient in these drinks, which contributes to enamel erosion. Water is the best option for athletes who need hydration.

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