Bayside Historical Society

The Bayside Historical Society is a cultural institute that operates out of a Gothic style building. The building once housed Rufus King, a delegate during the signing of the U.S. Constitution, as well as a clubhouse for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Now, it is the site of numerous educational events, exhibitions, and fun-filled activities. Learn about the area’s rich history and have some fun while you’re there. It is located at 208 Totten Ave, Queens, NY 11359.

The Bayside Historical Society has many different events and exhibits on local history. Its history can be traced from the early Native tribes of the region to the 18th century’s wars. The area also played a pivotal role during World Wars I and II. You can visit the Fort Totten Officers’ Club to see what life was like for military officers during these periods. The Bayside Historical Society’s goal is to help preserve and promote the local history and culture. See more here.

Another event in the neighborhood is the renaming of 43rd Street to ‘Winged Fist Way.’ The Irish American Athletic Club was a fixture on the island for over a century, but today there is little evidence of its presence. In addition, the society also hosts lectures and events centered around the community’s rich history. Its mission is to foster a better understanding of the area’s history, culture, and community.

The museum also hosts unique educational programs, including tours of the historic homes and buildings of the neighborhood. Its galleries showcase local and international art and history exhibits, and the museum also hosts lectures, antique shows, and cultural evenings. The museum is located in one of the newest NYC waterfront parks, and on the ruins of a Civil War battlement. The museum offers a fascinating perspective on the area’s history and culture.

The Bayside Historical Society’s September meeting featured a presentation by railroad historian Dave Morrison. His presentation was illustrated with photos from his book, Sunnyside Yard and the Hell Gate Bridge, which span the Brooklyn waterfront. Dave Morrison signed copies of his book as well. This event was part of the society’s Hell Gate Centennial celebration. You’re sure to enjoy a lecture by Dave Morrison on the Hell Gate and its history!

While there are several museums and historic sites to visit in the neighborhood, it is worth taking time to explore the Poppenhusen Institute, which was the country’s first free kindergarten. Built in 1868, it continues to serve the community by fostering artistic and scientific talents. The museum also hosts the Lewis H. Latimer Museum, which functions as a museum showcasing the contributions of notable African-Americans to the field of science. Visit our parks.

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