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Tooth Wear: Causes and Solutions

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Do you have sensitive teeth? Are some of your teeth more yellow than others? You may have worn teeth. Eroded or worn teeth can have multiple causes. Acid reflux, aggressive brushing, and even acidic foods or beverages can wear down the tooth enamel. As a result, patients are more prone to tooth sensitivity to hot and cold as well as pressure. Patients with worn teeth may have discolored teeth. As the outer tooth enamel wears down, it uncovers the dentin beneath. Dentin is the darker underlayer beneath the enamel that can make teeth appear yellow or discolored. Dr. Bruce and Richard Corbin can treat patients with dental erosion in Bayside, NY. The team at Corbin Dental is dedicated to helping patients find the right cosmetic dental solutions for brighter, more durable smiles.

Signs of Dental Erosion

There are several common signs of dental erosion or wear:

  • Discolored or yellowed tooth enamel
  • Tooth sensitivity or pain
  • Shiny and smooth areas of the teeth
  • Rough edges on the teeth
  • Tooth fractures
  • Chips or breaks in the enamel

Please contact our office if you have noticed signs of tooth wear or dental erosion. Eroded teeth can make everyday life more painful and uncomfortable for patients.

Treatments for Worn Teeth

There are a variety of treatment options to cover areas of tooth wear:

Tooth Bonding

Dental bonding is a cosmetic treatment that uses a biocompatible resin to cover damaged or injured teeth. This economical option can benefit patients with one or several worn teeth. The bonding material covers discoloration and adds structure to damaged teeth. We directly sculpt the bonding material to the prepared teeth and cure it for a long-lasting result.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers are ultra-thin shells of porcelain ceramic that we bond to the front of teeth. This high-quality cosmetic dental option may cover all of the teeth in the smile line, or the teeth that are visible when you fully smile. Veneers may be more costly than bonding treatment, but they last longer in the long term.

Dental Crowns

Tooth crowns may be made of metal, zirconium, or porcelain ceramic. However, traditional metal crowns often contain mercury, a toxic substance that can cause problems when ingested. Metal crowns also stand out, even in the back of the mouth when it is open. We use porcelain ceramic tooth crowns because they easily blend in with the look fo the natural smile. Unlike veneers or dental bonding, dental crowns fully cover each tooth like a cap. This treatment is helpful if patients have worn teeth that require structure on the surface of the bite.

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