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Missing Teeth Oyster Bay and Bayside, NY

Missing teeth impact many aspects of your overall dental health and your quality of life. Corbin Dental is home to a team of highly-trained and experienced dentists who have maintained an ongoing commitment to advanced education in treatments for tooth replacement.

From cosmetic dentures and bridges to implant dentistry under one roof, we can meet your dental health and aesthetic goals with the highest standard of care and beautiful results. Corbin Dental can replace missing teeth for patients of all ages.

Replace missing teeth in Queens New York

Why replace missing teeth?

When teeth are extracted or lost due to trauma, it can set off a cascade of dental problems. When a tooth is lost, the tooth root is also eventually absorbed into the surrounding tissue. This can lead to changes in the structure of bone in the area and the jaw can begin to shrink inward. Missing teeth also increase your risk of developing gum disease and other changes in oral health as remaining teeth begin to shift position.

In addition to health concerns, missing teeth impact your self-confidence and ability to enjoy life to the fullest. For many patients with one or more lost teeth, it can be challenging to chew certain foods and your diet may become limited over time, which can affect your nutrition and overall wellness. Speech can also be affected and embarrassment over the appearance of your smile may lead to decreased socialization.

Tooth Replacement: What are the Options?

The key to a new smile that feels great, looks great and lasts for a lifetime is choosing the best solution for your dental health needs and cosmetic goals. Dr. Richard and Dr. Bruce Corbin are leading local dentists for restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. Corbin Dental can offer patients with missing teeth the opportunity to receive comprehensive, personalized dental care under one roof.

We take a consultative approach, taking the time to evaluate all aspects of your oral health and to discuss your concerns, goals, and budget. Your Corbin dentist will work with you on an individual basis to create a treatment plan that supports long term dental health and achieves your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Bruce and Dr. Richard Corbin have advanced training in implant dentistry, dental sedation and years of experience helping patients restore beautiful, healthy and functional smiles after tooth loss. We offer a range of tooth replacement options, including:

  • Dentures and partial dentures: A traditional dental treatment for lost teeth. Dentures can be removable or fixed into position.
  • Dental bridges: Another traditional method of replacing missing teeth with a removable oral appliance.
  • Dental implants: A modern dental technique to replace lost teeth permanently and securely.
  • Implant dentures and All-On-Four dentures: A relatively new dental restoration of attaching a denture permanently to your jaw.

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Ready to restore your smile and replace your missing teeth? Corbin Dental has two convenient dentist office locations serving the Queens New York area in Bayside and Oyster Bay. We welcome new patients and look forward to helping you enjoy your best quality of life with a new smile. Contact your local Queens NY dental office to schedule an appointment and learn more about your options for replacing missing teeth.