beautiful park in Bayside NY

If you are looking for a beautiful park in Bayside NY, consider visiting Crocheron Pond. This scenic area features a pond and a sloping lawn that makes for an excellent concert venue. The New York Philharmonic, under the direction of Leonard Bernstein, transformed Crocheron Park’s lawn into a concert hall in 1967. The orchestra’s annual concerts attracted a record crowd of 40,000. It is located at 214-41 34th Ave, Bayside, NY 11361.
Crocheron Park has plenty to offer dog owners. It has a pond with fishing holes, paved paths, gazebos, and a field house. While dogs are not allowed on the athletic fields, they are welcome to sniff the grass and watch from the sidelines. If you want to bring your dog along on your picnic, be sure to pack a few dog biscuits. It’s a popular spot for lunch as well.
The Crocheron House was built in the early 1900s and demolished in 1907. The City of New York bought the land in 1924 and started to develop a park. In 1936, the Parks Department cleared the land of fishing shacks, built a picnic area, and added a tennis court. Today, it adjoins John Golden Park. The park is situated on a bay, overlooking Little Neck Bay.
The nonprofit Friends of Crocheron and John Golden Park is a nonprofit group whose mission is to advocate for improvements to the 63-acre park in Bayside, NY. The development company will sponsor activities aimed at conserving and improving the park. The 63-acre park is located near 35th Avenue and 214th Street in Queens. It is part of the Bayside community and is home to a variety of wildlife and pollinator species.
Joseph Crocheron sheltered disgraced political leader William M. Tweed during his stay at Crocheron Park. Tweed had been imprisoned for corruption and fled to Spain in 1875. But when a political cartoon involving Tweed appeared, he was identified as the man behind the cartoon. He was eventually arrested in Spain and extradited to the United States. Crocheron sheltered Tweed for 30 years until his arrest.

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