Adults who forego gum disease treatment are more likely to lose teeth because of this than for any other reason. This is important to know, because tooth loss can affect many aspects of your daily life. It can have an impact on your diet and your appearance, amongst other things. This is why it is important to practice proper dental care and prevent gum disease. The earlier you seek gum disease treatment from Corbin Dental, the more likely we are to save your teeth. Tooth loss can affect your daily life in the following ways:


Without gum disease treatment, your teeth can become loose or misaligned. This will make it difficult to chew food correctly and may force you to eat softer foods than you normally would. A change in your diet may have a negative impact on your health as you struggle to meet your body’s nutritional needs. Conditions such as constipation, weight, indigestion, and arthritis may arise. By seeking gum disease treatment early on, you can avoid this issue.


When teeth are lost because a patient did not seek gum disease treatment, some letter sounds become more difficult to pronounce. It is possible that you may develop a lisp and become hard to understand. Without gum disease treatment, your tongue may also grow to fill the space left by the missing teeth. A large tongue is harder to control and may result in further speech difficulties.

Facial appearance

Without gum disease treatment, your teeth can fall out and have an impact on your facial structure. Without stimulation, your jawbone and gum tissue will deteriorate and be reabsorbed by the body. This will cause your lips and cheeks to appear “sunken in” and enhance any signs of aging. As you can see, gum disease treatment can improve your appearance as well as your health.