Gum recession:

Healthy Gums play a vital role in keeping your teeth healthy! Gum recession, where the gum tissue surrounding the teeth pulls back, leading to gaps, can happen due to various reasons. It may just be an aging process or may be because of periodontal diseases or even poor habits of brushing. It is important to consider this condition and take necessary treatment because Gum recession leads to the exposure of the root structure. This paves way for tooth decay and other dental problems. It is necessary to treat Gum recession at the quickest, for overall dental health.

Pinhole surgical technique:

Pinhole surgical technique is a recent advancement, which is minimally invasive kind for treating Gum Recession. This technique will comfort you from the sutures and scalpel, which is usually involved in the traditional gum grafting method. Unlike these traditional methods, where the soft tissue is sutured and joined with the gum tissue that already exists, Pinhole surgical treatment is a way advanced!
In Pinhole surgical technique, a pinhole is made in the patients’ gum tissue using only a needle. Using special instruments through the pinhole, the gum tissue is gently made to loosen. With the help of these tools, the gum line is expanded, until it covers the root structure. This technique is quite simple and does not involve any sutures or incisions.

Benefits of Pinhole surgical technique:

Patients prefer Pinhole surgical treatment for the following reasons:

  • Reduced discomfort post treatment
  • Recovery is faster, when compared to the traditional method
  • No sutures involved
  • No scalpels and minimal invasive tools used
  • No need for donor tissue
  • Natural and long-lasting

We at Corbin Dental, would love to restore your healthy gums with our latest Pinhole treatment. We assure that your experience, during and after the treatment will be comfortable and amazing!