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Painful, decaying, or damaged teeth can make it difficult to eat, talk, or smile. At Corbin Dental at Oyster Bay, we proudly give patients their smiles and lives back with dental crowns in Oyster Bay, NY. This procedure not only revives your smile but helps you enjoy better dental hygiene.

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Dental Crowns in Oyster Bay

Dental crowns are permanent caps that protect damaged teeth. Crowns look, feel, and function like natural teeth, making it easier to enjoy life again. Made of ceramic, metal, or a combination of the two, we use crowns to cover teeth damaged by breakage, decay, or a root canal procedure. Ceramic is the most popular type of crown because it looks the most like a natural tooth and can match the color of your other teeth.

How Dental Crowns Work

At Corbin Dental at Oyster Bay, we use a standard procedure to install dental crowns in just two visits.

1. Preparation

Before we start, we’ll take an impression of your teeth and send it to a dental laboratory. At the same appointment, our dental professionals will work with you to choose the best color for your crowns, which have many natural color effects to ensure the closest match possible. 

2. The Procedure

Installing dental crowns requires gently filing down your tooth so that the crown will fit over that area and not interfere with surrounding teeth. We’ll remove any decay, then cover your newly cleaned tooth with a temporary crown to keep it safe. Until we schedule you for your permanent crowns, follow all the guidance from your dentist to ensure the safety of your temporary crowns.

Most dental crowns take one to three weeks for our lab to manufacture. Once we receive your completed crown, you’ll return to have the temporary one removed and the new permanent one put in. 

3. Aftercare

During the days after your dental crown procedure, you may feel some slight pain as your mouth adjusts to the new tooth. Very few patients have allergic reactions to crowns, but if we place a metal crown and you have a negative reaction to it, we can replace it with ceramic.

Benefits of Dental Crowns in Oyster Bay 

If you have severe decay from a cavity or damage from trauma to your mouth, dental crowns protect your teeth and preserve the underlying natural tooth. Additional benefits of crowns include:

  • Protects your natural tooth
  • Prevents decay from spreading
  • Long-lasting, natural look
  • Viable alternative to tooth extraction in some cases
  • Repairs damaged, cracked teeth

Smile Again with Dental Crowns in Oyster Bay, NY, from Corbin Dental at Oyster Bay

Whether you have injured, stained, cracked, or missing teeth, our team at Corbin Dental can help you regain a confident smile. Call Corbin Dental at Oyster Bay at 516-922-5888 to schedule your initial appointment for dental crowns today.


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Brandon Lewis
Brandon Lewis
April 30, 2023
By far the best dental experiences I have had are with Corbin Dental. Dedicated to my specific needs, their team goes over & above to explain the options and implement the restorative process with care and precision. They are my forever Dental-Team!
Maria Piccinno
Maria Piccinno
April 25, 2023
The office is so friendly and kind!!!! Michelle takes such good care of me. Also the lovely receptionist, Angela was very kind. Overall, I highly recommend because the care and concern they exhibit makes me feel so calm.
Norma Gonzalez
Norma Gonzalez
April 25, 2023
They were up front with the cost and very thorough with their exam. As a professional in the medical field I respect that.
Joseph Thomas
Joseph Thomas
April 19, 2023
my implant session was painless, quickly performed and nicely managed with care and precision.
Cristal Rosario
Cristal Rosario
April 14, 2023
An amazing team of people
Kathleen McGovern
Kathleen McGovern
April 10, 2023
The entire staff are the most caring and professional people you will ever meet. Chair side manner is very important and Corbin Dental gives the best chair side manner I have ever experienced. With the The Corbin Dental practice you can be assured that you will have the finest care. Thank you Corbin Dental!
katarina serrano
katarina serrano
April 6, 2023
best dental experience . Great service so understanding
Matt S.
Matt S.
April 2, 2023
Simply the most friendly and professional service you will ever experience!

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