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Meet the Dentist at Corbin Dental in Jericho, NY

Welcome to Corbin Dental, home to Dr. Richard Corbin and Dr. Bruce Corbin. Our dental office is conveniently located an easy 12 minutes from Jericho Commons shopping mall. Corbin Dental is an experienced dental practice that provides patients with a wide variety of dental treatments and services. We tailor our service to individualize your experience. We are currently welcoming new patients from Jericho, NY to join our dental family.

Meet the Dentist in Jericho NY

Dr. Bruce Corbin has been providing dental care to patients in the Jericho, NY area for over 30 years. He is a passionate dentist that completes many hours of additional dental training. He is a recognized member of this community as an exceptional dentist and holds many professional affiliations. Learn more about Dr. Corbin here.

Dr. Richard Corbin is a general dentist as well as an esteemed cosmetic dentist. He is proud of the thousands of smile makeovers he has completed allowing patients to have a smile they love. He holds many professional affiliations and is certified in many additional areas. You can learn more about Dr. Corbin here.

Comprehensive Family Dental Care

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Corbin Dental offers preventive dental care to all patients. Visit our Jericho dental office every six months for a routine checkup. We will help you avoid dental problems from developing into larger cases. During your dental exam, we will thoroughly clean your teeth and examine your mouth for any dental issues. Then we will discuss proper ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy between visits. Our general dental care treatments include:

Our cosmetic dentistry treatments can transform any smile! Many of our patients are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth and gums. Corbin provides treatments that can fix gummy smiles, dark or stained teeth, and chipped or damaged teeth. During a cosmetic consultation, your dentist will listen to your concerns and devise a treatment plan to fix them. Our highly recommended cosmetic dental treatments include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and dental implants.

We also provide state of the art restorative dentistry. The purpose of restorative dentistry is to restore health, function and aesthetics to your teeth and gums without oral surgery. We provide treatment options to fix worn down teeth, broken teeth, missing teeth, TMJ disorders, and gum disease. If problems like those exist, they can prohibit you from living a healthy life. Some may even progress into larger problems. Our dentist will examine your entire mouth, diagnose you and then provide a proper treatment to restore your oral health.

Why Choose Corbin Dental?

Corbin Dental is a family dental practice that welcomes patients at every stage in life. The quality and compassionate care we offer is second to none. Dr. Richard Corbin and Dr. Bruce Corbin are dentists that strive for the best outcome for every patient. In addition, our office uses the latest technology for diagnosing and treating complex dental concerns. We are a one-stop dental practice that provides complete care under one roof.

Welcoming New Patients from Jericho, NY

Whether you are looking for a new family dentist or need extensive dental work, Corbin Dental is an excellent choice. We are accepting new patients from many of the surrounding areas including those from Jericho, NY. Dr. Richard Corbin and Dr. Bruce Corbin offer complete dental care to cover all your oral health needs. Contact us today to schedule your first dentist appointment.


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