Family Dentistry Jackson Heights, NY

Trusted dentists in Jackson Heights, NY provide family dental care for adults and children. We offer a fun and welcoming atmosphere to help your child feel more relaxed during their appointments. Having your child treated in the same office and by the same people that treat you will also help ease any anxiety they may have.

family dentists in Jackson Heights, New York

Corbin dental has been serving this community for over 75 years. Drs. Bruce and Richard Corbin are trusted dentists that truly enjoy helping patients achieve their oral health goals. They utilize advanced dental technology to help deliver expert dental care.

Family Dentistry in Jackson Heights, NY

As a family dentist office, Corbin Dental can meet the oral health needs of your entire family in one location. This will save you the hassle of driving to multiple dentist offices. Our friendly office staff will work with you and your schedule to make sure everyone in your family can be treated in one trip to our Jackson Heights, NY dentist office.

Corbin Dental has a full range of dental services to treat all your dental health needs. As full-services dentist office, we offer general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments and services. Each one will be customized to the specific needs of each individual patient.

Pediatric Dental Services in Jackson Heights, NY

We believe in bringing children in as early as possible for their first dentist appointments to help develop important, lifelong habits. Starting regular visits to the dentist at an early age will help your child get acclimated to a dentist office atmosphere including all the unique sights and sounds. They will learn not to fear dentist appointments and help ease any developing anxiety. Drs. Bruce and Richard Corbin recommend you bring your child in for their first appointment once the primary teeth begin to develop, or by the age of one.

Our friendly dental staff will make every effort to make sure your child is comfortable and safe. They will also take the time to teach your child how to properly care for their teeth to help establish lifelong healthy habits.

Routine dentist appointments will help prevent tooth decay and dental cavities, a common childhood problem. We will monitor the development of your child’s teeth, gums and bite and recommend any dental care we deem necessary. This may include taking x-rays of your child’s teeth. Our goal is for your child to achieve and maintain long term dental health.

Our experienced dental hygienists will clean their teeth at every visit. As gentle and caring dental professionals, they will patient and careful to help your child remain calm. We want to build a positive relationship with your child to ensure dentist appointments become a lifelong habit.

The children’s dentistry services we offer include:

Our Dentists in Jackson Heights, NY are Welcoming New Patients

Drs. Bruce and Richard Corbin are proudly welcoming new and existing patients to their family dentist office in Jackson Heights, NY. Corbin Dental offers a full range of general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services to meet all your dental health needs.