Teeth Whitening Bayside, NY

Your teeth will naturally darken over time. While this is completely normal, that does not mean you have to live with yellow, discolored teeth. Teeth whitening is a popular and easy way to instantly improve the appearance of your smile. It is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment requested at our Bayside, NY dentist office.

Teeth Whitening Bayside NY

Dr. Richard Corbin and Dr. Bruce Corbin offer convenient and affordable teeth whitening options to accommodate any budget. You can choose an in-office or at-home tooth whitening system or we also offer more permanent options. Professional teeth whitening guarantees optimal results with minimal side effects such sensitivity to the teeth and gums.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

Corbin Dental in Bayside, NY offers a take-home teeth whitening kit if you would prefer to whiten your teeth from the comforts of home. During brief in-office appointment, your dentist will take dental impressions to create your trays.

Your custom fit trays will fit perfectly against your teeth, much like a mouth piece, to allow for even whitening and less sensitivity. We will give you specific directions on how apply the bleaching agent and wear the bleaching trays. You can expect gradual and natural-looking results over a brief period of about one to two weeks.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening will give you instant results but is often more expensive than professional at-home whitening. Corbin Dental in Bayside, NY utilizes the ZOOM! teeth whitening treatment. ZOOM! teeth whitening is a dentist-administered treatment that produces the fastest and safest results.

It uses a thicker peroxide gel that allows for a more controllable application and a desensitizer to reduce tooth sensitivity. We recommend a consultation to determine if this is the right treatment for tooth staining or discoloration.

About ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

The ZOOM! teeth whitening treatment should only take about an hour and a half. Your Bayside, NY dentist will first clean your teeth to remove any plaque, tartar, and debris to ensure better results. After completely exposing your teeth, your dentist will apply the whitening gel evenly over the surface of your teeth.

A special blue light is positioned to shine directly on your teeth to break up stains and discoloration. The process will be repeated about three times for fifteen minutes. Your teeth will be up to 8 shades brighter once the treatment is complete.

Other Teeth Whitening Options

Corbin Dental also offers more permanent options to whiten your teeth. For some patients, even professional tooth whitening is unable to brighten their smile. There are certain types of stains that may not respond or certain medication that causes permanent staining. For these patients, we recommend other cosmetic dentistry treatments such as:

Schedule a Teeth Whitening Consultation

Professional teeth whitening is easy and convenient. It can instantly brighten your smile giving you more confidence in your social and professional life. Contact our Bayside, NY dentist office today and schedule a cosmetic consultation to learn more about our teeth whitening options. Our expert cosmetic dentists will help you choose with treatment is right for you.