Dentures Bayside, NY

Corbin Dental offers several treatment options for people who need to replace missing teeth. As expert restorative dentists, Drs. Richard and Bruce Corbin can help you determine the correct treatment option that will work best for you. For many years, dentures have provided an effective solution to restore functioning, natural looking teeth.

They are made from high-quality state of the art dental materials that look and function like natural teeth. Our Bayside, NY dentist office encourages patients suffering from damaged or missing teeth to schedule a consultation to learn more about the types of dentures we offer.

dentures in Bayside New York

Types of Dentures

Full Dentures

A denture is a removable prosthesis that is used when a patient is missing a full row of teeth. The fake teeth are fused to a base made of pink acrylic which mimics the color of gingival tissue (the gums). The base is held in place with denture adhesive or by suctioning to the gums.

This type of dental restoration commonly requires an adjustment period. It can take up to a few months to become acclimated to eating, speaking and smiling while wearing them. Most patients will experience some level of bone loss over the years and this will cause the dentures to fit differently. They will need to be adjusted or replaced every so often.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are similar to full dentures. They are removable but instead of replacing all teeth, they are used to fill in gaps where teeth have gone missing. This restoration is held in place by using clasps that will attach to the natural, remaining teeth. They are sometimes used as an alternative to fixed dental bridges.

Denture Implants

Corbin Dental in Bayside, NY offers denture implants to patients looking for a more permanent solution if they are missing all their teeth. Traditional dentures have a bad reputation for being difficult to get used to and many patients find them extremely uncomfortable.

With this type of restoration, up to eight dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw bone to secure the denture in place. The denture is then very stable and durable. The advantages to choosing this over traditional dentures include little to no eating restrictions, denture will not slip around in the mouth, and no more slurred speech.

Most importantly, there is a reduced risk of bone loss because implants replace the teeth at the root providing constant stimulation for the jaw bone.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

This is a unique and innovative method that allows patients to have an entire arch of teeth replaced in a single day. Whether you have just lost your teeth or desire to replace your ill-fitting denture, the All-on-4 can significantly change the way you smile!

The team at Corbin Dental will spend a significant amount of time planning out your procedure. This is the most important step because this procedure requires four dental implants to be surgically placed at specific angles to maximize bone usage.

The All-on-4 treatment concept is a good option for people who have some level of bone loss, possibly from wearing dentures for many years.

To schedule a consultation and learn more about dentures, schedule an appointment in our Bayside, NY dentist office for a thorough dental exam and evaluation.