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Dental Bridge Treatment in Bayside, NY

Dr. Richard Corbin and Dr. Bruce Corbin are restorative dentists in Bayside, NY. We offer many types of dental bridges to our patients as a replacement for damaged or missing teeth. A dental bridge is a custom-made dental restoration in our Bayside dentist office. Dentists commonly use them to “bridge” a gap present in an arch caused by lost teeth. A dental bridge can replace a single missing tooth or several consecutive missing teeth. If you have lost teeth due to tooth decay or other reason, a dental bridge may be right for you.

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Bridgework is a row of linked prosthetic teeth and held in place by one or more anchors as seen above. The anchors can either be natural teeth or dental implants. This row of teeth consists of dental crowns on each end with replacement teeth, called pontics, in between them. The different types of dental bridges include: fixed, cantilever, and removable.

Our dentist will attach the crown to the anchors or surrounding teeth to hold the bridgework in place. We custom design the restoration to blend in with the rest of your smile, teeth and gums. So, you will have a natural and beautiful result after the procedure without the need for a temporary bridge.

Types of Dental Bridges

Traditional Bridge – A traditional dental bridge is a fixed restoration used when a gap caused by missing teeth has two adjacent, healthy teeth present. The adjacent healthy teeth will serve as the anchors. Our team will significantly reduce them to create room for the crowns.

The disadvantage of a traditional bridge is that it places a lot of extra stress on the two anchor teeth. The extra stress on these teeth can lead to further damage or cavity formation. You are also basically damaging two healthy teeth to replace a few missing teeth.

Maryland Bridge – A Maryland bridge is similar to a traditional bridge, but uses a framework made of metal or porcelain to hold it in place. The dentist attaches the framework to the back of the two abutment teeth. We do not need to modify the two anchor teeth to accommodate the framework.

This is a more affordable option than the traditional bridge. How durable a Maryland bridge is greatly depends on the adhesive to affix the framework to the two adjacent teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridge

The best option available for patients missing several consecutive teeth is an implant-supported dental bridge. Our Bayside, NY dentist office will recommend this teeth replacement option for all patients that qualify. It is the next best thing to natural teeth.

With this type of dental restoration, we use two or more dental implants to act as anchors. We will place the implants on both sides of the gap. Then, we will attach the artificial tooth or dental crowns to those implants. Using dental implants to hold a bridge in place is better for your oral health.

We will not reduce healthy teeth, and add extra stress on them. The greatest benefit to choosing dental implants is that they promote continued bone growth in the jaw. This prevents bone loss and gum recession often seen with traditional bridges. However, the implant-supported dental bridge procedure takes more time to complete.

Is a Dental Bridge Right for Me?

A dental bridge is usually the best choice for a patient that’s missing several consecutive missing teeth. If you’re concerned about budget, we recommend a traditional, removable dental bridge. It’s the most cost-effective natural tooth replacement option. However, removable bridges aren’t as durable and don’t last as long as implant-supported bridges. They can also cause damage to the anchor teeth and lead to more dental work in the future.

Implant-supported bridges are the most recommended at our office. Dental implants provide many benefits for the mouth. They help to regenerate jawbone growth and prevent your jawbone and gums from receding further. An implant-supported bridge is also more cost-efficient than full dental implants for replacing multiple missing teeth.

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