Here is how LANAP procedure can give you wonderful results with zero pain!

Throughout the world, numerous people suffer from gum diseases. To make things even worse, they are not even aware that they need to be treated for it. Let alone this, the people who know that they need treatment assume it to be painful. But that is not the case.

Here is how LANAP procedure

Here are key benefits of LANAP procedure, that you should never miss.

Completely painless

It is very well known that the traditional gum therapy involved cutting away the infected area and suturing it back to reduce the gum pockets. This cutting and suturing would leave the roots exposed. As a result, the teeth would look long and unsightly.

On the other hand, a LANAP dentist in Bayside can do the same procedure with almost no pain or just bearable pain. Only local anesthesia is required for LANAP procedure and there is no bleeding involved. This is because not cutting or suturing is needed in most of the cases.

Lesser risk involved

There will be an unbearable pain every time a scalpel is involved in surgery. Precise anesthesia is significant to ensure the patient does not feel the pain during the treatment. However, once the surgery is completed, the patient will have to take extra care not to catch infections and to keep pain at bay.

When it comes to the LANAP procedure, the biofeedback quality of the laser reduces pain and keeps discomforts at bay. Thus, the patient experiences less pain and discomfort both during the treatment and after it.

Less time consuming and quick recovery

Traditional gum surgery requires a longer time than LANAP and the patient has to heal from time to time after each treatment. The worst case being, patients with other dental irregularities will have to wait till that is cured so gum surgery can be carried on.

However, with the LANAP procedure, the treatment duration is shorter than the traditional gum therapy. Since it does not involve any suturing the healing period is comparatively less.

Long lasting results

Even if the treatment costs you less, you would not wish to go to a dentist time and again. Every patient would want the procedure to last long and be beneficial.

With LANAP procedure, the results are proven to last longer than the traditional type and have a high success rate.

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