Depending on a few specific details, your dental implant cost will fluctuate. To get a specific quote, you will need to come to our offices and schedule a consultation. Such actors as the type and number of implants required need to be considered. Here is a list of variables that will be factored into your total dental care cost:

The number of teeth involved

The higher the number of implants required, the higher your dental implant cost will be. A larger amount of implants will require more time and resources than a smaller amount. We will have to evaluate your mouth and bone density to find the right spots for your implants.

If bone loss has occurred

If you have experienced bone loss, you can expect to pay a higher dental implant cost. The exact amount will depend on the extent of bone loss. This is because you will need to undergo a bone grafting procedure to ensure there is a proper amount of bone mass for a successful implant. The cost of this procedure will be factored in to your overall dental implant cost.

The type of implants being used

There are many different types of implants that can be used. Implant supported dentures will have a different price than traditional implants. This will be considered when factoring your dental implant cost.

If gum disease is present

You can expect your dental implant cost to increase if you are suffering from gum disease. This is because you will be recommended to receive treatment before implants can be put in place.

If tooth extractions are necessary

In some cases, a tooth can become severely damaged without falling out. When this happens, extraction is necessary. The cost of extracting a tooth will affect your over dental implant cost