Here at Corbin Dental, we offer many cosmetic dentistry solutions, such as dental crowns and bridges. A dental crown is used when a tooth has succumbed to exceptional decay or wear. It is a tooth shaped cap that encases the tooth to prevent any further damage and restore its original appearance and functionality.

Do I need a dental crown?

Your cosmetic dentist in Bayside, NY might recommend a dental crown in the following situations:

  • When a tooth becomes weak from decay, a dental crown can prevent it from breaking
  • When a tooth becomes severely worn down
  • To hold together pieces of a cracked tooth
  • To improve the structural integrity of a tooth with a large filling
  • To hold a dental bridge in place
  • To improve the appearance of misshapen or discolored teeth

How is a dental crown placed?

A dental crown can usually be placed in just two office office visits. First, however, you will need to consult with your cosmetic dentist in Bayside, Queens to discuss any details. During the consultation, x-rays will be taken and your teeth will be examined to make sure they are strong enough to support a dental crown. In some cases, a root canal may be required first.

During your first office visit, your tooth will be prepared to receive the dental crown. This involves reshaping the tooth and making a mold. The mold will be used to create your own custom dental crown. Manufacturing the crown can take up to three weeks. During your final office visit, the dental crown will be tried on and then cemented into place.

What is a dental bridge?

Sometimes when a tooth needs to be removed, your cosmetic dentist in Bayside, NY will recommend a dental bridge to replace the missing tooth. A dental bridge is basically just a prosthetic tooth that is suspended between two natural teeth. In order for the bridge to be functional each of the natural teeth will need to be fitted with a dental crown. The false tooth is then cemented between the two crowns, creating a bridge.

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